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Hobbit Preprodvid in my bits Part 1

YAY!!! The journey begins! This is wonderful that Sir Peter Jackson shared with us some bits from Hobbit production.

Hello Sir Peter! Thank You! Nice to see You in this less heavy outfit :) I hope that You are feeling now much better and after Your operation everything now will be OK :)

I'm not so very familiar with plants, well.... I have this ability that once I dried a cactus :/ I called him George. And I had him half a year, but ...he is now in plant heaven. I know how enormous knowledge is needed to work with plants.

WOW!!! This is AWESOME!!! but I consider that is some kind of cold and moistly there.. like in house from clay. My grandma had this kind of house. Very nice in summer, but in winter was really cold. Well was easy to repair.

So now we have first photo with boys and toys. 48 frames per second.. WOW!!! I don't know if our brain can catch it.

I don't know if this is wise to sat these two in one place.... I hope that The One Ring  is in safe now. They can kill each other.. before filming ends.


EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But male feet are looking normal like that.

OH!!! OH!!! I wonder which one is Thorin's ;) Probably some of dark hair. Not red hair! Please! Even If  I like red headed men. But these hair up is probably Bilbo's.

Like someone said once "Saracen's design" ;D

Bit from Boys and Toys. Well this is wonderful. You just are going to work and You are doing this what You really like. ... Once I was thinking about being the welder. But I'm doing what I'm doing and if not some paper work this will be real fun :) My grandpa was working with something like this, and he had some patents.

How to plan fight scenes. This is the most hard work. Not to destroy the set design ;D

And who we have here :D

Rob Kazinsky - Fili

RICHE!!!!!!!!! More screens HERE

Jed Brophy - Nori ...Nice tattoo ;)

Horse ridding :)

And Aidan Turner - Kili

Some creepy paws... PJ is familiar with it, but he probably is very open for all sugestion in this matter :)

Now some techie-computer-animatronics. This is really complicated: actor + some wires + special software etc. and we have some nice monster on the screen. (BTW Marian probably was thinking that Guy is looking like that under leather).

STUNTS!!! These dudes are amazing! This is site with STUNT GUILD OF NEW ZEALAND HERE. So please meet these dudes and one lady who are standing at the back and working with actors before shooting, and are always where can be something dangerous.

Oh! Hello Guys! :D Just make some fun for all of us :)

EDIT: I decided to not make part 2 because of Rob Kazinsky is replaced.

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