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Beatification of Pope John Paul II from other point of view

In Sunday is beatification of Pope John Paul II. I don't have wish to write here some kind of biography, but write about it from other point of view. I know that some people can be against this beatification, that is too soon or Pope wasn't too rapidly fight against sexscandals in Church (maybe he wasn't informed about it, maybe some wanted people against Pope?, who knows and You should read about THIS LAW HERE) and I have to say that I'm very anticlerical.


But... one day I red interview with Gabriele Amorth. This is an Italian Roman Catholic priest and an exorcist of the Diocese of Rome.

BTW He was born 1 May 1925.

When He in time of an exorcism is saying name of JPII - satan is much more brutal, violent. In one "talk" with demon He discovered that satan is much more afraid of John Paul II than Father Pio, because John Paul II destroyed one of satan's instrument to control human beings. Maybe this was comunism? You have to be aware that are other instruments to control us like e.g. money. Just think what has control on our life? I think that internet and television too.


Mr Amorth knows about cardinals who don't believe, and that satan infiltrates into Vatican, corruption, hushed deaths. One of my friends is teaching religion in school. She said that fight between God and Satan is much more noticeable in priesthood groups.
Well If You don't believe in Jesus, I hope You believe that on Earth is fight between Good and Evil.
And please don't see this man from Catolic Church angle.


If satan is afraid of this guy this is really COOL!

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joanna pisze...

Yes Jonia!
This is very COOL:D

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Joanna :)
Yes this is Cool :)

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