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Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 17 : Top 15 of my fav props from Richard's Characters part 1 (15 to 11)

Top 15 of my fav props from Richard's Characters part 1

Places from 15 to 11

John Thorton's writting set
Very elegant, important part of his work.

Monet's Painting set.
To create all these wonderful paintings, like third arm.

John Porter's glasses (5 episode)
Together with his tan and this grey t-shirt... sexy!


John Porter's watch and brancelets (episode 5,6)
John Porter is looking like some kind of reach guy... Lord of War.

I know some forum with experts of watches, maybe I should ask there what kind of watch this is. They probably will tell me even from which shop it is ;D

Lucas' Poetry Book
"The Poetry of William Blake"

Really interesting piece of Lucas' personality, specially with this what is on the cover.
This is painting of William Blake Ghost of a Flea. Just read the meaning of this painting HERE.

You probably wonder why it isn't in top 10, well we know it only from this one moment. We know that Lucas has Blakes' painting as tattoo, but we didn't know about this book. But I consider that this should be even in top 5. Just we need one more action with this book, like Lucas angry when someone discover this book under his pillow or something like this.

BTW Wiliam Blake made some ilustrations to La Divina Commedia.

Part 2 HERE

2 komentarze:

phylly3 pisze...

Fascinating post Jonia! I never paid attention to that book cover. Is that Ros holding it when she is checking out his appartment and he messed it up on purpose?
It does seem very significant now -- thanks to your link.
Great detective work! :)

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Phylly :) How are You? I consider that this book is in hands of Dimitri ?

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