piątek, 1 kwietnia 2011

Richard Armitage The Modern Male

Ok..I really don't know what post today, because today is April Fools' Day...well I was preparing fake dancing banana photos, but yellow tights were really hard to make and...well... but THANK YOU Russian Site HERE we have these wonderful photos. 
So maybe couple of words...
This photo shoots is really different than Justin Canning's or David Venni's. Much more sexy in some fresh style... I consider that Richard is in new style for modern male.  Modern male isn't afraid to have chest hair, and be sexy in some rough-fresh style. 
"I'm here woman, just take me, but I'm not sure If you can handle, because I'm hot. But don't worry. I can help You"

I really like when male is looking a bit like chop out by hatchet, well I don't know if this is english correct..oh!!! I know I should say AXE!!!!!!! So maybe time of metro male is ending (thanks god!). Even Beckham is looking normal.

But 3 things are missing from these photos:
1. Chicken-pox
2. Mole on right temple
3. Little scar on nose on 1 photo.
How now can I make my studies on Richard's moles? ??? when they are using Photoshop ???

Have a nice end of day :)

5 komentarzy:

joanna pisze...

I think I'm done:) Where are my cigarette?:)

Lady Rose pisze...

*wheeze wheeze*

phylly3 pisze...

Gorgeous photos for sure! Love them all!
As for dancing bananas... there's always my post with video.

Ania pisze...

I love these pictures, and his eyes awww
Jonia to your list, I might add too much make-up

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello :) Joanna. Lady Rose, Phylly and Ania :) This is one of the best RA shoots.
Thank You Phylly for link :)
Yes Ania we like him natural :)

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