piątek, 8 kwietnia 2011

No time for more

Hobbit conference Feb 11th 2011

Spooks Season 9 ep 4

Real is like 3D movie...no matter how You try, You don't catch it.

David Gray and Orbital – Illuminate 
from the album "Work 1989-2002"

Paint the world anew
Find a way to open all the joy in order to
Illuminate/Alleviate the strain
Fireworks in the blue
B'yond the burstin' endless shine
Show me where the real light is

Buildin' a wall inside
Wall round my heart
Buildin' a wall inside

BTW David Gray was in This Year's Love from 1999 as one of pub musicians :) and recorded song for this movie. More HERE.
Oh..and check Richard's interview with Chris Hawkins Show for BBC Radio 6 Music (Part probably 3) (3rd - 7th November 2008) there is about other song "Just Looking" performed by Stereophonics. :)

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