czwartek, 7 kwietnia 2011

Diesel Jeans Rock

Spooks Season 9 Episode 2

Diesel Jeans in slow motion

Well I'm feeling like a woman again.
Who was the camera man/woman? Wait..wait... Who was the director? Are these scenes in triangle shoots?

BTW: are jeans singular or prual? Should I say: They Rock or They Rocks?
Well In my language we have word door/doors only in plural. ;D

4 komentarze:

joanna pisze...

A ha ha ha ha ha...nice table:D:D

Ania pisze...

ahh :)))))))))

Lady Rose pisze...

ooh. nice bum :P
You would say they Rock. :)

Jonia's cut pisze...

Thank You Joanna, Ania and Lady Rose for visit and comment :)
Thank You Lady Rose :)

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