czwartek, 3 lutego 2011

Richard's dream girl :)

"What type of girl would you go for?
RA: Someone a bit naughty. And who likes food – because I really do – and who doesn’t take life too seriously and has a sense of humour. I could never go out with another actor, I’d find that hard – the stresses of the job, they just pull people in different directions."


Daily Mail: Sex symbol? No, the truth is I'm just a DIY geek, says Richard Armitage by Tim Oglethorpe May 7th 2010
 "My idea of a passionate weekend is doing DIY. I'm pretty handy with a screwdriver. But is that sexy? I don't think so!"


Looking at Richard's thumb that was passionate weekend :)

Sunday Times: Move over Darcey by Sally Kinnes April 30th 2006
"There is also the actor’s perennial fear that every job will be his last. Armitage once spent eight months out of work. He did a lot of DIY. In the future, he plans to learn film editing, so he would have directing to fall back on."

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