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False Photos from Hobbit set? - Update

From Garrett Robinson

You can read it HERE or HERE 
Photos HERE

I have been walking past these sets almost every day since I’ve been in Wellington, as you have to pass by them to get to Weta and Park Road Post Production, two locations where I’ve dropped off CVs and business cards. I, like “Mister Anderson,” had assumed the sets were for The Hobbit, and I was planning on talking to the crew working there to see if I could get a job with the set construction guys leading up to the commencement of filming.
However, on Thursday, I saw an actor in costume entering the studios. The actor, who I believe was a child, was very slightly, and could not have been taller than five-foot-two. She had long, Elvish ears, but when I say long, I mean LONG, at least 12 inches long, that swept back and drooped over her shoulders. The ears looked akin to a Night Elf from Warcraft III. Also, her garb was cartoonish, looking almost like a green version of Princess Zelda’s robes. This was not, I repeat NOT, a Tolkien elf. This was my first moment of doubt, and I began to believe that this might not be a Hobbit set after all.
Then, yesterday, while returning from Weta after another visit with my friends in the Cave, I saw the crew breaking down the set and packing it all up into trucks. I asked one of the men (who was throwing C-stands on a truck rack) if they were working on The Hobbit. He said no, this set had been for some video game, but they were breaking it down now. He said that as far as he knew, The Hobbit would probably be shooting some scenes in these studios, but most of the shooting would take place at the Stone Street studios (these studios are in the same area [known as Miramar] but are a several minute walk away). He said that he hoped he and his crew would be working on the film as well, but they wouldn’t be getting that call until closer to the commencement of filming."

Hmmm.....Why my nose told me to no post these photos? I saw set from Star Wars, this one here was really too cartoonish, too small.

Update Filming "Cardinal" Game

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