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Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 11 : Top 10 Richard Armitage’s existing things which are not showing in the public

Top 10 Richard Armitage’s
existing things
which are
not showing in the public

No 10
Kitchen radio

What...  this is really interesting matter, because people are mostly listen to the radio in car or in kitchen. Wonder what people are thinking when they are buying kitchen radio: small, for a while etc. But this kind of things are staying for a long time in the kitchen. My mum had radio which was more than 20 years old. And we changed it, because radio stations changed frequency. But still it works.
About listen to the radio in kitchen Richard mentioned in his interview from Sunday Times Sept 12th 2010 "If looks could kill".

No 9
Favorite cup

What is on Richard's favourite cup? Maybe something from Tolkien or Star Wars stuff?

More about LOTR HERE

Or maybe something personalised with Richard III.

No 8
Favorite DIY set

Every man has his fav hammer and screwdriver set.
Wonder if this is something like this:

Draper General Tool Kit Roller Cabinet with Hammer Drill and Hand Tools W616xD330xH1080mm

Combined roller cabinet chest with hammer drill & hand tools
Contents: chisel and punch set, circlip pliers set, combination pliers, combined MM/AF Silverdrive socket set, crimping tool, curved jaw self grip pliers, diagonal side cutter, digital automotive analyser, drill and accessory kit, flat file and handle, flexible magnetic pick up tool, flexible shaft inspection mirror, hacksaw frame and blades, half round file and handle, halogen hand lamp, hand riveter kit, feeler gauge set, junior hacksaw and blades, latex gloves (large Pk of 10), long nose pliers & reach pliers set, magnetic parts bowl, measuring tape, mechanic's screwdriver set, metric combination spanner set, multi tool, pry bar set, ratchet torque wrench, round file and handle, rubber mallet, tinman's shear, trimming knife and five spare blades, two adjustable wrenches, mechanic's bit set, Draper TX-STAR tamperproof screwdriver set, waterpump pliers and wire scratch brush.


No 7
Guy’s mustard scarf

Does anybody know what happend with this part of Guy's clothes?


No 6
Richard’s painting

In interview on BBC Radio 5 Live, with Simon Mayo: The Simon Mayo Show, BBC Radio 5 Live, 19th April 2006 Richard mentioned about some paintings. I wonder how they are looking like? Which colors he was using, what is on it: abstraction, portret, landscape, fantasy painting.

No 5
Stanislavsky method book

Which one of these is main favourite for Richard

Or maybe this is different book?

"He says: "I did quite a lot of menial jobs. I was a waiter, an inventory clerk touring round properties listing cups and saucers, and a laserquest marshall.
"I also worked front of house at the theatre, which was like some kind of torture - watching other actors, sometimes not very good actors, doing it. I used to sit there with my Stanislavski 'How to Act' books, ripping tickets.
"But I actually enjoyed front of house. When I came to be on the other side of the curtain you really got a feel for who it is coming to the theatre and the sense of event that is about to happen.
"It changed my opinion on how to prepare for theatre.
"What happened with Sparkhouse was that the role was against type and I thought it was up to me to make sure they couldn't give it to anybody else.
"It was the first time I went into an audition in character. It was a minor role but it was something I really got my teeth into and I realised that not getting work was perhaps to do with me and the way I was approaching it. I couldn't go back.
"I knew that I had to approach everything in the same way.""

No 4
Dancing Banana Photos

Yeah I know I know.....

I mentioned about it HERE

No 3
Hobbit contract

Very top secret.

No 2
Personal scripts from North&South

I have some scripts from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, because they were published and I wonder if this is main version or actors just have some individual versions of script. I know that even when shooting is already started script can be changed. I wonder how scripts are looking like, when actor has it and he made some personal notes on it...specially notes about trainstation kiss scene :)

No 1
Richard's Character diaries

I wonder if they are looking like Indiana Jones Diary full of notes and paintings

What is in diary of Guy?

Dark, nasty, henchman..... lonely wolf.

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Fabolaktuko pisze...

Great post! I'm still laughing.

Now that's a real scavenger hunt, RA's photo in the dancing banana outfit. (Somehow I just know he looks gorgeous in yellow).

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Fabolaktuko..Well em..I'm really surprised that this post is funny :) really, but thank You. On 11 place are RA's orange jeans. :)

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