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Hobbit conference Feb 11th 2011 : Richard Armitage - Heart-Bearded-Throb

Ok Some other cuts :)
..Hmm...Maybe I should say some day about my philosophy of making screens with Richard. Somebody is using my screens and even don't know about it. I'm happy when I see this, specially when this shot is special for me, or take some time till I made it. Like e.g. this one:

It taked something about 10 minutes to catch it :) but was worth it ;)
I'm always wonder who made this or that screen. Screens are really popular, because Richard has not so many official photoshots, so screens are really nice :) And Richard has probably enormous number of screens.

These are from Bccmee vid :)


And thanks to screens You can made signatures, avatars, wallpapers with this what You really need :)

More soon :)

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