piątek, 11 lutego 2011

Hobbit conference Feb 11th 2011 : Richard Armitage is The Most Sexy Bearded Man on Earth

I wish to Thanks All wonderful Richard's supporters, fans, windmils all over the world! For posting links, photos, files. Thanks You Being a Richard's Fan is even more excited. :) Thanks You we can share wonderful moments in Richard's carrier life. Thank You :)

Can you tell us about yourself?
Me as a person? Would you like to be a little more specific?

For Betty Pattison

Oh, and by the way - you still owe me six quid for playing an elf in The Hobbit at the Alex Theatre in Birmingham, in...
I think it was November 1986. But we'll call it quits.

2 komentarze:

Fabolaktuko pisze...

He looks amazing and he is amazing!
Thank you for finding the quote about being an elf in The Hobbit. I remembered he said it before, but couldn't remember where.

wfredrickson pisze...

Richard actually said that about being owed 6 quid?

I love your post Jonia.
I want to be his beard comber!
Snug seat checker and Nipple tweaker.
Best job ever!!

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