niedziela, 13 lutego 2011

Hobbit conference Feb 11th 2011 : Richard Armitage in screens

Thank You to Bccmee for upload Richard bits from Conference
Now on this site

Little bits from my part :)
I love making screens with Richard :)

Tomorrow more :)

BTW: THE ONE RING in last update on YouTube

announced "You Shall Not Pass Up This Competition"on writing a song,poem involving the word "Thorin".
Good Luck :)

3 komentarze:

DEZMOND pisze...

he just shines at those pics, like he has a special aura, you just see him and no one else in those pics.

dvd north and south pisze...

Richard Armitage will forever be Mr. Thorntorn. :D I first saw him in the North and South miniseries DVD and have loved him since then. :D

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Dezmond :) Ha has very sensitive skin and he really need some special care for it.

Oh Hello there :) DVD N&S I meet Richard in N&S too. Thank You for visite. :)

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