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FanstRAvaganza 2012 - History - The most memorable moments in my fangirling

FastRAvaganza 2012

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In King Richard Armitage, Servetus admits to (gasp!) stray thoughts while lecturing
In fanfic, Margaret Hale guestposts at John Thornton's on why she loves him
Jo Ann
continues her story In freeform, Jas Rangoon jokes about potential reproductive partners for Mr. Armitage
reveals another Guy of Gisborne PSA (still not safe for work!)
Gratiana Lovelace
needs more help captioning "Whimsical Moments with Deadly Serious ChaRActers!"
In fandom, IngeD3 focuses on Ricky Deeming
confesses her Richard Armitage eyelash fetish!
In the Hobbit, it's calories galore as Antonia Romera discusses fingerlicking at the Hobbit table
The Queen
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Welcome on fourth Armitageness' Lessons of Fangirling

Day 4

History - The most memorable moments in my fangirling.

My fav band Clannad published in 2008 book under the title: "Moments in a Lifetime".

Clannad & Bono - In A Lifetime (1985)

There is impossible for us to remember each day of our life, only most memorable moments, feelings, days.
Here are just couple moments in my fangirling time.

In discover Richard Armitage in october 2008. Not really remember which day that was maybe in half of this month. Where and how you can read on my blog more HERE. There is first fan vid and first moment when I saw Our Fav Fellow. From this moment all starting :)

My second very memorable moment when I joined the C19 forum in October 30th and I saw thread about new RA interview for BBC Breakfast Show (27 Oct) WOAH!!! This guy is real! He can speak! What a voice! But about what the heck he is talking about!? ... No matter. That voice rulez! I don't remember how many times I was listen to this interview to understand it. But this was first time for me to see RA in something different than North and South, because before I wasn't interesting in RA only with N&S. So I wasn't even watching different things with him.

PhotobucketJanuary 4th 2010 the day when my first RA autograph arrived! Now I know how all fans of Elvis and The Beatles were feeling. That was so weird! For the first time I was feeling like real fan of somebody ;D My squeee sound was similar to these at the background of Elvis' vid.


PhotobucketOctober 22nd 2010 I wonder how many of You were sitting with open eyes and mouth and saying many many times OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! ;D After that day I have feeling that some things changed forever. and 11 February 2011 Richard in Wellywood and his BEARD! Wonderful photos and vids HERE. Thank You to All :)

Photobucket14 march 2011 8.20PM I was watching Richard in Strike Back on TVP and that was AWESOME!!!! I'm not watching TV, but this was historical moment ;D

August 2nd 2011 Historic Day! My first tickets on the movie with Richard Armitage in the cinema! How was in the cinema on Captain America You can read HERE.

And at the end day Dec 17th 2011 HERE When my heart stopped for a while.

All of You have wonderful moments to remember. Moments in a life time, when there is something worth to remember, when all feelings are positive and You can feel happy. I not remember much from 2009. That was terrible year to me, but being RA fan helped me stay conscious. Specially these BAFTA's photos :)

13 komentarzy:

CDoart pisze...

You have the one for me 'worldshattering' interview in your article. How brave of you to talk about your fangirl-journey, Jonia!

gracie pisze...

This a great journey Jonia. And a thank you note from the man himself!!!Great memories to have.

Richardsbabe pisze...

Great memories indeed! Clannad is one of my favs too Jonia!

mulubinba pisze...

My heart leapt on October 22nd 2010, Jonia :)

I also remember having loads of screencapping fun with you and others on thread on the AA ... the "hands" thread comes to mind.... with Foxfire and Squid et al.

Anonimowy pisze...

We have several of these moments in common! Thanks for sharing your autograph -- that is really neat and so touching!

April pisze...

Great post Jonia and thanks for sharing your autograph with us. :-)

Anonimowy pisze...

Jonia, your posts are lovely. I think more than a few of us like to have a sort of ideal, even though we recognize that it isn't real life. :D


Joanna pisze...

Also thanks to you I'm living for a fraction of time in Arcadia,Jonia!:)

bccmee pisze...

It's always fun to read stories from fellow fans! I'm a fan of many fans. ;)

Gratiana pisze...

Hi Jonia,
I love reading about your RA fan journey and recognizing some of my own. Though I didn't "discover" RA until February 2010. I'm a late bloomer. Ha!
And thanks for reminding me of that Spooks interview. I'm trying to build interview links on my blog and I have now included this one.
Cheers! Grati ;->

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello CDoart, Gracie, Richardsbabe, Mulubinba, Servetus, April, Fitzg, Joanna, Bccmee, Gratiana.
There are many more wonderful memories. As You Mulubinba saying, the most wonderful are with gals sharing this same on forums, sites, meetings. I really wish to be on one meeting, but not in this reality :/ After one month on AA Forum GizzysGirl sended me Sparkhouse DVD and She even didn't know me. Or on RAC forum with Lunita we were talking about RA peaches and our english wasn't so good, I wrote meaning of peaches in spanish - melocotones. Mod said that we can't write in language different than english. So Lunita wrote buttocks. ROTFL! But this wasn't so good too. ;D
Oh I remember these threads about hands, legs, eyes, fanart, quizes etc. etc. :)

Ania pisze...

Amazing moments, thanks for sharing RA's autograph ♥

Jonia's cut pisze...

Thank You Ania :)
Others autographs You can see when You click at Autograph tag under article :)

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