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Richard Armitage in "Use Me As Your Cardigan" 2002


My searching for this information earlier in this post



Thank You guys from CHARM OFFENSIVE.
This is really wonderful Christmas gift :)

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RAFrenzy pisze...

Jonia, you are a super sleuth! :D Love this picture!! and the others as well.

Carolynd1 pisze...

Thank you, Jonia! You are the greatest!

RiCrAr pisze...

Hi Jonia - thx for all the detective work on the play.

The blonde woman in it looked familiar to me, so I enlarged her pic plus one taken when Richard was photographed (with a blonde woman) at 2010 Children in Need Celebrity dinner. She looks like the same person to me.

See if you agree. Will temporarily post them side by side at my blog for comparisons sake.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

jazzbaby1 pisze...

Wow! Great job, Jonia!

Musa/Fabo pisze...

Great job Sherlock! Thank you so much for finding these and all the extra information.

Benita (AmeliaWatson) pisze...

Thank you so much for finding this, and for showing us!

Merry Christmas!

Anonimowy pisze...

Wow! Good job Jonia. The pictures are so sweet. Especially the one with the tongue;-) And your new header is soooooo COOL. Like it very much :-)

bccmee pisze...

Thanks, Jonia!

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Frenzy, Carolynd, Ricrar, Jazzbaby, Musa, Benita, Alfie and Bccmee :) Thank You very much. I'm still myself in great shock after yesterday, I was shaking for almost 2 hours :) That's why this post is so short. But this is wonderful to find after such a long time confirmation about Our Fav Fellow. And these photos are wonderful and so many of them! I'm so sorry that there are not dancing banana photos ;D

Ricrar I posted on your blog, that this actress name is Joanna Bending. And You can have right :)

But I'm really not sure if She was playing Stacy or this was this second actress Imogen Butler-Cole who is brunette.

Last time this kind of traffic I saw on my blog when I posted that End Of The World is Canceled ;D

Ania pisze...

Jonia, Thank you very much ♥

Anonimowy pisze...

Bravo! I've never commented on your blog before, but this super sleuthing deserves some serious praise!!! Love your blog by the way.

Carolynd1 pisze...

LOL you have been looking for the dancing banana for a couple of years now. If it's out there, you will find it.

Joanna pisze...

I'm sure that you can find "the dancing banana"-Sherlock

Fanny/iz4blue pisze...

He he those are fabuloso!!! just hope he's wearing more than Borat in that yellow suit :)

Joanna pisze...


Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Ania, Memythoughtsandwhoknows, Carolynd, Fanny, Joanna :) Thank You for comment.

LOL Carolynd I just realized that I'm looking for these photos almost 2 years ;D I should write to RA and ask Him where they are in internet, because I have some clue where they can be in real, but unfortunately I'm not living in UK. Just give me one day in UK and I should find them :)

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