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I saw Captain America... and I have depression...

Sorry for my english.

I saw Captain America... and I have depression...

Why? This is a bit complicated.
But maybe in some not very order...

August 5th 2011 Polish Premiere of Captain America : The First Avenger...

And today is 7th. I just had to have time for think about this movie.

PhotobucketI gone there with my bro and I was in one of my Fankle T-shirts. First I was worried if Cinema doesn't change movies in this day. But this same lady who was 2 days ago said that Captain America is ready to watch!
PhotobucketPhotobucketI said to ticket-lady that this is historic ticket and please be careful, so she was really careful. There wasn't poster of Captain America only with Winnie the Pooh and I said pass. But was BIG stand with CA poster. First time I was on 3D movie. Well last time when I was in cinema that was in may 2005 on "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith". Problem with 3D movie is that You just can't take off these glasses and have 2D movie. Because even letters are doubled on the screen. Thanks that I was in my big nerdy glasses. First I just had 3D glasses on my glasses, but there was problem with vaporization, so next I had my glasses on 3D glasses...sometimes not really saw what they are talking about because even my nerdy glasses were to little, but this was so much better. There were only 5 people in the cinema. We were sitting alone in our row.

So after bunch of commercials was at last this wonderful moment when movie started.

PhotobucketChris Evans has really ONE BIG PROBLEM. I saw him in "Fantastic 4" and I was thinking: Again some kind of young american actor, who plays silly, buffed pyromaniac. But when he was as small man, almost miniature of solder I just saw that this is really good actor! He has this same problem as Leonardo DiCaprio after his first movies, he is too handsome to be in some kind of more demanding movies, not only to be buffed. And he is in Hollywood. This is problem too.

Tommy Lee Jones was great in his next "men with guns" movie. Best quotes with acting of course: "He's making me cry", "He still skinny", "I'm not gonna kiss you", "We are going to win this war because we have the best....(looks at skinny Rogers)... men."

and Hayley Atwell is really great. She has beauty of women in that time. Not all actress can be in movie about war times.

Wonder what they made it, because Hugo's arms were enormous! In one scene I had flash of Agent Smith from Matrix. And his face on 3D was really BIG! BTW. Why all ultra mega super hiper villains love classical music?

PhotobucketAnd some interesting flash with my favourite series from Poland. Captain America saw some Hydra base near Baltic Sea. This is really interesting, because in my fav series from childhood and this is epic series (my bro watched it in his childhood too) "Four tank-men and a dog" in one episode "Fort Olgierd" there is some kind of very secret base near Baltic Sea where was some kind of new weapon. And German solders had some kind of mission to get this weapon back. And there was action not only from sky, but from sea too! So this weapon probably was Hydra's!!!

I almost not recognised Stanley Tucci. And nice to see Angus Filch again ;D (David Bradley)

And now why I have depression... because of Heinz Kruger!
I realized that Richard Armitage can play even with his chin! This wasn't Richard Armitage as Heinz Kruger. This was Heinz Kruger! That was face of Heinz Kruger! And at the end of this scene his mimic. Spoiler! (black letters on black background ;D) That wasn't marshmallow. AMAZING!
Really love it!
PhotobucketIn this grey suit Richard looks even bigger than Steve Rogers. Yes grey suit suits.
His underwater scenes were one of the most dangerous in all movie. So I'm not surprised what Richard said in his interview "'I’m a bit mean. I haven’t got a nice-guy face’" for The Telegraph Jul 22nd 2011 (HERE) This scene is dangerous to play for everybody! Water is always dangerous. We don't have gills. One mistake and ... Daniel Radcliffe started his underwater scenes in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 6 months before to be good prepared for long time of shooting. Even if this is couple of seconds underwater, this is very long time for an actor to be prepared.
PhotobucketAnd that was really 10 minutes. From 0:32 to 0:42. My legs were "dancing" flamenco, and all row was moving! Probably for my bro this was 5D movie... in this moment. I had to keep my glasses in hands. I hadn't wish to search them in darkness under screen ... 5 rows down. Scene was really fast and sometimes my eyes wasn't able to see everything! But... That were THE BEST 10 minutes in my live. After this my bro said: "Can we go now?" But why this wasn't a little longer?! I'm not talking about fans of other actors like JJ Feild or Neal McDonough. They was only for a while on the screen too. :/ This movie should be longer! And now I have depression, because on some more I HAVE to WAIT to 2012 for The Hobbit to see this dude on big screen AGAIN! This is so annoying! Tomorrow I'm drinking beer. My vacation starting so I can and to see fav actor in 2012 again on big screen is very good reason to drink beer. Chocolate doesn't help :/
Well my impression after all movie. On 5 stars, this movie have solid 4. Yes! Not 3 like some probably are thinking but SOLID 4. Acting was great and this movie is really made for 3D. And colours around stylish and very good for war movie. I consider that 3 is too little.

Some scans from polish newspapers about Captain America. This movie hadn't premiere only for press... and good! Braggers who writting nothing!

From Gazeta Wyborcza - Co jest grane? Aug 5th 2011


From Dziennik Zachodni - Będzie się działo Aug 5th 2011


I have to see this again!

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Anonimowy pisze...

It is good to hear that you finally got to the climax(the premiere date ;-))

Sorry to hear about the deppression, but at least you got to see the movie( I have to wait some longer), and you got vacation (my holiday ends today) - okay now I am depressed ;-)

Nice analyze about the water scene.

phylly3 pisze...

I feel your pain! I enjoyed his part so much!! I want to watch it over and over again!

RiCrAr pisze...

Jonia, I passed the links for the Clarissa narration along to other RA fans - they're very grateful you made it available. They were drooling over a brief clip on YT, so the entire show should really make them swoon.

I agree with you that the wait is much too long for us to see Richard again on the big screen. Just happy that we have all his other dvds to feed our RA crush in the meantime.

What an adorable video of the cute children reacting to CA! Thx again - I'm about to send that link to my companions while watching CA, who were hubby and our son. They both agreed Richard made an awesome baddie.


Ania pisze...

Jonia, thanks for sharing your impressions. I hope you feel better today ♥
Only 10 minutes hmm, it seems that I will wait on DVD.
"Four tank-men…” and Hydra LOL!

Joanna pisze...

"Four tank -men..."and Hydra:D
Franciszek Pieczka look almost like Richard Armitage:D:D

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