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FanstRAvaganza 2012 - Chemistry - The best Richard's characters relationships - end

Week ago Wonderful FanstRAvaganza ended, but I have something to do. I posted poll with choice of 31 relationships in Richard's movies.

Part one HERE

And there are results :)

15 Best Relationships of Richard's characters

Place 1
John Thornton and Margaret Hale

PhotobucketWhat we have here. A large % of antipathy in this relationship needed long process of heating in to learn and better know to each other. And most of all we know that pride from both sides can be reduced by love and understanding at the end.... One kiss and some influence from friend can help.

Place 2-3
Lucas North and Ros Meyers

PhotobucketThis one is interesting. No friendship but colleagues. Two strong personalities of male and female. Female is on the charge and a bit stronger, but male doesn't matter about it. She can extracted a lot of care on him. That's why he isn't so many times in troubles, because of his hidden, not always useful attitudes. She is wonderful catalytic converter.

Harry Kennedy and Geraldine Granger

PhotobucketThese 2 constituents need this same, but there are not the same. Long time of waiting from both sides actuated some more percent of fun and love. :) Only mix mix mix and this is pleasure to see how these two are working together.

Place 4
John Thornton and his mother

PhotobucketLove, understanding and care in these same proportions. Influences haven't impact on them. Strong relationship, even if it not shows many changes inside.

Place 5
John Thornton and Nicolas Higgins

PhotobucketI consider that this can be something similar to relation number one: antipathy from both sides, but using some catalytic converter in person of Margaret can has more influence on strong John to accept Nicolas. If longer we have them together, we can see how wonderful it works.

Place 6
Guy and Sheriff

PhotobucketDA Bomb. Very good relation only for making something explosive, which can damage all around. And deadly at the end.

Place 7
Guy and Meg

PhotobucketUnusual elements which can work together, but can make easly damaged relation. Still some miracle. I wish to see this one longer.

Place 8
John Porter and Layla Thompson

PhotobucketLonger relation of these two can make many wonderful products like e.g. friendship, trust and respect, but some more study on this matter isn't I'm afraid possible.

Place 9-10
Guy and Marian

PhotobucketNot so good mixture, because there are precipitates of not expecting and unused feelings from both sides. That's why this can't be homogeneous fluid. And at the end this shows, how bad this was.

John Porter and Katie Dartmouth

PhotobucketRelationship to help each other. That's why it works. All is the matter of trust, and in this one this is very big.

Place 11
Lucas and Elizabeta Starkova

PhotobucketThis one is really strange, these two for the first minute can show that there can be something more in it. After that female constituent treating with some bad influence from Arkady constituent can change her extractor ability to change all mixture in some kind of gelignite, but some circumstances just freezed whole relation.

Place 12-13
John Porter and Gerald Baxter
Monet, Renoir and Bazille

Funny thing with these two, that they are on this same place. BROMANCE! In one made from 2 constituents, but can be produced from 3 constituents. Making things together on one way. Real friendship and care.

Photobucket Photobucket

Place 14-15
Guy and Allan

PhotobucketGuy as very damaged agent and with larger impact on this relation. Under influence of Sheriff, Marian, Robin and money this one with Allan can't be better. Allan isn't very trusted and is working with others, maybe not against, but not quite for Guy. Maybe in different circumstances, this one can be great bromance.

Richard and Dino

PhotobucketPlush and cute together can be only better. :) Srly This one has much more votes than I've expected ;D

Full results

Place 16-17-18
Lucas and Henry Pearce
John Porter and Felix Masuku
John Standring and Carol Bolton

Place 19
Monet and Alice Hoschedé

Place 20
Lucas and Oleg Dasharvin

Place 21-22
Lucas and Beth Bailey
John Porter and Hugh Collinson

Place 23
Lucas and Arkady Katchimov

Place 24-25
Lucas and Vaughn Edwards
Lucas and Ruth Evershed

Place 26-27
Guy and Isabella
John Porter and Danni Prendiville

Place 28-29
Guy and Robin Hood
Lucas and Sarah Caulfield

Place 30
Peter Macduff and Joe Mackbeth

Place 31
Lucas and Maya Lahan ... 0%
...I consider that this is result of this steamy kitchen scene. They really should show it, not only on pictures. They really should show this passion.

Thank You for voting :)

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