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North & South 7 years after premiere

14 November 2004 was aired first episode of the most wonderful period drama I've ever seen!

"North & South"

with Daniela Denby-Ashe as Margaret Hale and Richard Armitage as John Thornton.

Second episode - 21 November 2004
Third episode - 28 November 2004
Fourth episode - 5 December 2004

My fankle moment started from this series. I was searching for other period dramas than "P&P" or "S&S" to watch on YT. That was warm october 2008... very hard time for me. First I spend all vacation watching "Doctor Who" ... I don't even remember how this started, just I noticed that listen and watching something in other language can easy take all my attention and I wasn't able to think about my problems. Than I started to watch other series and movies. That was really fast learning of new language. And than I saw this movie on YT, just as wonderful list of period dramas.

I didn't notice that moment on 1:28 i was writting some title... and than I saw this one 3:38


And in my mind was: "WOAH!!!! Who is this dude??...What...what!!! was he before in this movie!!!???? What a wonderful nose!!! North&South!! North&South...write this write this!!! Is this on YT?"

And 7:47 PURE PERFECTION!!!! I was sitting with my mouth open.

First I was watching only scenes with Margaret and John, and after some time I was watching all series. Not understanded everything for the first time, so I was really happy to watch this again and again. And I discover that DVD premiere of this series was in Poland June 6th 2008! So I had luck to buy it! Now I have 3 copies...well 4 one is from newspaper series of costume dramas. But should say almost 5. I can live with it ;D.

Last time when I was listen to "N&S" was in monday, because I haven't now time to watch this so this is in my earphones when I'm working at home.
I really fainted when I was listen to Thornton's voice for the first time.

The Story of the Costume Drama 1x03 - Richard Armitage interview
Thank You Fragilidad :)

North & South Special Features: Richard Armitage Interview
Thank You Nelsonwilby :)

I consider that this series saved me :) Yes. That was hard time for me, but I had brigher place in my mind thanks to this series. :)

First book I bought on internet auction and was reading it in english. But this year we have 2 different translations. See HERE.


There are two sequels for North&South
You can buy them on Amazon. They are brand new :)
First is
Northern Light: A contunuation of North & South 
by Catherine Winchester
You can buy it HERE

A Heart for Milton: A Tale from North and South 
by Trudy Brasure. 
You can buy this one HERE
BTW This one has cover made by Heathra :)

I don't have luck to buy them, but wish You All happy reading :)
And we should not forget about many fanfics on forums and other sites :)

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