poniedziałek, 11 lipca 2011

Unmarked photo from Interview Lorraine Sept 17th 2010

As always I was searching for something different o_O and I found this one unmarked on some movie portal with strange language. Enjoy :)

Richard Armitage Interview Sept 17 2010 
on Lorraine Show


Interview Thanks to Heathra

Oh and this cut from SPOOKS S8. But I don't know If You know it.


4 komentarze:

Lady Rose pisze...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Thanks for posting, Jonia! :D

Anonimowy pisze...

Thaaaaank you - I am not so kin on his hair, but OMG those jeans are fitting so well ;-)

Jonia's cut pisze...

You welcome Lady Rose and Alfie :)

phylly3 pisze...

Very nice!

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