sobota, 30 lipca 2011

Nice weekend and just one photo

Today is the 3 day in this year when I'm really bored and this is so cool. Outside is cold, and rain in the air, next week I'm going on 3 weeks hollidays, AT LAST! As RA suporter I'm thinking about some nice gift on BDay, the only problem in this is my english and proportions of gift. Yes this is main problem. But I have some time to rethink about it. Next to rethink is about some nice Hobbit gif and some my new combo. So now I'm playing with my graph program, this is part of TheRApy :) I was thinking what will be the best in TheRApy and only one thing was on the top: "North&South Audiobook" read by RA. :)
Not so very pretty, but I'm working on some new filter. This one I call Filter 22 - some mix of red and blue. Well not exactly red, but peach-coloured. This isn't very arty, but I like sometimes play like that. After this I'm less stressed. So no matter what problem we have, the most important is how we can manage with it. To not be burn out inside.


Now I'm going to take a VERY NICE nap. :)

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