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SHOCK! Another Edition of North and South in Poland! July 2011


OMG!!! This is another edition of North and South in Poland in different publisher. I should say that this is another first edition in Poland because this time this is WHOLE BOOK! I was begining this month by North & South Book. And I'm ending this month by North & South Book! I hadn't in plans to be in this bookstore today! There was some rumors about another translation. But not so soon! Thank You MY NOSE!!!!

by Elizabeth Gaskell
first polish book edition complete
July 2011
Translation: Katarzyna Kwiatkowska
Publisher: Świat Książki Sp. z o.o.


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On the cover I can read that there will be "Wives and daughters" polish translation soon and that North and South was filmed.

Weltbild/Świat Ksiażki HERE
Weltbild/Klub Dla Ciebie HERE

Is there that premiere is August 1st. But in bookstories is already to buy :)


North and South
by Elizabeth Gaskell
first polish book edition
June 2011
Translation: Magdalena Moltzan-Małkowska
Publisher: Elipsa sp. z o.o.


First edition Volume 1 HERE

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Ania pisze...

So much waiting for ANY edition of N&S, and now, we have as much as two editions. Oh I don't understand something here ;-)
... never mind, I bought the book already and I look forward to the courier :-)

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