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Leisure life or my new/old books etc.

I'm very rarely buying new books, not because they are expensive in my country, but the best was already published ;D and since now I'm ready to buy them. :) I'm waiting for some books from my forum friends :) I have to confess. I'm not reading popular authors. I hadn't read Coelho or Lessing or Murakami or these all popular books about european women married with arabs. No offense please. Some people are reading all popular books, but they have nothing more from them, just reading and after that talk about plot and after this again some popular book. Not because they are interesting in this book, just because this book is popular. Yes I'm a bit nonconformist. You can read Voltaire's "Philosophical Dictionary" instead of Coelho. :)

At last I have bought ONE OF MY FAV!
I, Jedi by Michael A. Stackpole 

PhotobucketBook is from 1999 and really hard to buy. Why I like this one....Hmmm.... this book is like some kind of diary writting in first person. I like see this in somebody's eyes. Star Wars world is so wonderful that every character there can have his own story. Even Greedo... after death. Do You remember Greedo - Rodian? Green? He was killed by Han Solo in Cantina Mos Eisley in Star Wars IV : New Hope. And he has story after death :) You can read this in "Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina". But I'm not so very jedi ;D Not even a sith. One of my fav books is Trilogy of Han Solo. "Tell me who You wish to be and I tell You who You are." Like in Tolkien world somebody is more elvish or dwarvish, or hobbitish. In  Star Wars You can be jedish or sithish or solosch...I wonder what do You realy reading in english from these words. My english isn't good these days.Yeap I'm a bit like Solo. Mostly smuggler and ousider and I'm looking for my Wookiee. Hairy Wookiee. ;D


Another one about Richard III 
Devil's own by George Bidwell 
This one is from 1974
There is new edition from 2005 but I didn't saw it.There is even audiobook.


And something from Heyer - "Charity Girl"

And I have real crush on books about Herbs :) This one is new.

Photobucket Photobucket

And on the sale I saw this DVD. I'm not familiar with this series, but looks interesting :)
Fingersmith on IMDB HERE


"Cinema (feat. Gary Go)"
Benny Benassi is not really my music, but this is remix by Skrillex.
And here is a little from '90 in this one.
Skrillex looks like electronic nerd ;D. Yes he has glasses ;D

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Really interesting books. I got the DVD - you are in for a surprise ;-)

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