sobota, 16 czerwca 2012

My very new NEXUS bag

Today I have bought my new bag. You can see the one of my old bags HERE. I have problem with zippers there, but cost of the new zippers is bigger than a new bag. So I decided to buy a new one. And this time different. As I saw in shops there is much bigger assortment of different bags that was year ago.

Nexus is polish firm:
Nexus Polska Sp. z o.o.
Jałowcowa 1
05-080 Izabelin
So design is from Poland :)

In popculture Nexus is e.g. from Blade Runner. Replicants were Tyrell Corporation Nexus-6 models ;D Official site of Blade Runner HERE.

Model 21439-00-25090
Price on sale 109.00 zł /regular 149.00 zł



In Demand - Texas with Alan Rickman

I consider that All of You are voting daily in Anglophenia poll HERE and we know how situation looks like, that Richard has no chance with Tom these days. But this is only poll where everything is matter of popularity. RA disappeared for almost a year and I'm waiting for Comic Con The Hobbit Panel in July. We can't have everyting, but we can have the most important things :) like Richard in The Hobbit :)

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