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Ray Bradbury (August 22, 1920 – June 5, 2012)

Yesterday was information that died one of the most talented writers Ray Bradbury. He was 91.It's great loss.
His official site HERE

His book "The Martian Chronicles" has for now only one adaptation in 1980 as TV series. You can read it HERE on IMDB. There are plans for another adaptation in 2013, but more info is only for subscribers HERE . Eh... You know who I'll see in one of the characters. They have birthdays in this same day. Maybe this is sign?

Her husband appeared in a triangular door. “Did you call?” he asked irritably.
“No!” she cried.
“I thought I heard you cry out.”
“Did I? I was almost asleep and had a dream!”
“In the daytime? You don’t often do that.”
She sat as if struck in the face by the dream. “How strange, how very strange,” she murmured. “The dream.”
“Oh?” He evidently wished to return to his book.
“I dreamed about a man.”
“A man?”
“A tall man, six feet one inch tall.”
“How absurd; a giant, a misshapen giant.”
“Somehow”—she tried the words—“he looked all right. In spite of being tall. And he had—oh, I know you’ll think it silly—he had blue eyes!”
“Blue eyes! Gods!” cried Mr. K. “What’ll you dream next? I suppose he had black hair?”
Photobucket“How did you guess?” She was excited.
“I picked the most unlikely color,” he replied coldly.
“Well, black it was!” she cried. “And he had a very white skin; oh, he was most unusual! He was dressed in a strange uniform and he came down out of the sky and spoke pleasantly to me.” She smiled.

PhotobucketPhotobucketI just love his 451 Fahrenheit my fav book and movie. There are pearls! I love everything what is connected with dystopian societies. But 451 is very close to me. For 5 years I'm living without television. Only couple of times for these years I was watching, but only for most important things.. like Richard on TV ;D

PhotobucketPhotobucketIf I'll be a book.... I was thinking about it many times, but maybe this one "I, Jedi" by Michael A. Stackpole. Book is from 1999 and really hard to buy. Why I like this one....Hmmm.... this book is like some kind of diary writting in first person. I like see this in somebody's eyes. Maybe isn't classical big book like e.g. "À la recherche du temps perdu" or Orwell's "1984", but I like it. Or "Jane Eyre".... ???

"Fahrenheit 451" (1966)

2 komentarze:

Joanna pisze...

Jaka smutna wiadomość.. Dziękuje Joniu za przypomnienie mi o tym filmie i książce, mam nadzieję że moja lokalna biblioteka mnie nie zawiedzie. Pamiętam ze dawno temu obejrzałam ten film dzięki telewizji właśnie(chyba w "Kocham Kino")

Jonia's cut pisze...

Ano smutna :/ Wspaniały autor, który pisał książki nie tylko małe objętościowo, ale i bardzo bogate w treści, co dzisiaj nie jest takie popularne. Może ludzie nie potrafią już tak pisać :/

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