sobota, 23 czerwca 2012

Richard Armitage June 23rd 2012 State Opera House

Days like this I'm calling Christmas TIME!!!

New Zealand State Opera House Wellington.
Ian McKellen on the stage. "McKellen will perform 14 shows across New Zealand, with all the proceeds going towards the rebuild of the theatre."

Thank You to all who made these photos.
All links You can see on RichardArmitageNET HERE
Did You see his arm??? Thank You @prwelly HERE IS ENORMOUS!!!! WHAT THEY DID TO HIM????
My feelings about his apperiance: BEARD!!!!!! HAIRY!!!! He looks tired, but happy and ready for something more, but first a little break, and than we'll see what's comming. And looks really manly and of course in his fav ;D. HEHEHEHEEE...

Richard Armitage BBC America Interview
Thank You Heathra

Vid from this evening

Ian McKellen On Stage - Hobbit Cast Appearance
Thank You to Brionyjae

At last after almost year... last time was July 19th 2011 on Captain America Premiere

Now PLEASE no more hiding!


3 komentarze:

Faboamanto pisze...

LOL! No more hiding. What a Saturday! Oh yes, so good to see him after all this time.

Ania pisze...

Oh, he looks so great. ♥ Although I have the impression that he lost weight*sigh* but still with a great look.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Fabo and Ania. I'm really happy to see him after this all year.

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