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Richard Armitage - I just have to 11 - Jonia's TheRApy - Paint

I just have to - My TheRApy.
Photo by Justin Canning enhanced by me.


Sometimes I'm watching on YT GH or GHI. I believe in ghosts. I had some experiences myself at my home. Two of my familly members contacted with me. First time that was something about 5 years ago. One corner in home in hall was some kind of dark even if outside was full summer sun. And I was feeling like somebody is watching me when is evening or night. I had some chill feeling. And it came to me in one night, between dream and real. In my head was praying and after this all gone. That was probably my grandfather. Second time was.. hyhyhyy.... this May :). Do You remember Hammer of Love? (HERE). One of my familly members (who died in 1995) had birthday 15 may. I was thinking about this person for couple of days. 12/13 may... in night I heard Hammer of Love saying 3 times "I Love You". Last time when I heard this toy talking was in february, for all this time it is behind glass on shelf. I was very cozy in bed, not afraid at all. But if somebody from there wish to contact with You, You have to say something. And I said: "I love you too, but please don't wake me up at night." ;D That was AWESOME!

Ghost Hunters International - The Spirit Of Robin Hood [1 of 3]

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