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Comic Con 2012 and Richard Armitage YEEEE!!!

I hope that this is Comic Con in San Diego, Ca. July 11/12-15 th 2012

Thank You to CumberbatchWeb HERE, KellyDuck on Twitter HERE and RAFrenzy HERE

TotalFilm Summer 2012 Main Site HERE
Comic Con site HERE


How wonderful will be to see Richard more natural, eg. on panels and all madness with photos and vids, news!!!!


Richard is part of PopCulture: Star Wars, Captain America and now The Hobbit. I hope that The Hobbit will be for him only one from many wonderful movies, not only some kind of Magnum Opus. And I'm waiting for news about new movies with Richard after The Hobbit. :)

Comic Con Documentary "A Fan's Hope" (2012)
by Morgan Spurlock

2 komentarze:

Joanna pisze...

'Thorin' is very paranoid ?..and maybe ' he' is afraid of people?.
Yep..dear'Thorin'..you may need this sword..;)

Jonia's cut pisze...

Thorin is paranoid because he lost everything and he is seeing enemy in everybody.
For today I'm fanboy...if it's needed ;D

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