czwartek, 24 listopada 2011

Winter is coming.

Most of all :)

Happy Thanksgiving Day!
to All who have this day :)


Cold wind from North. Very cold today.




Made some time ago, when I was learning how to manage new graph program :)

A little memory about Freedie Mercury :) who died 20 years ago.
No matter about live forever, the matter is to made something what is living forever.

It's winter-fall
Read skies are gleaming, oh
Sea-gulls are flyin' over
Swans are floatin' by
Smoking chimnye-tops
Am I dreaming
Am I dreaming...?

The nights draw in
There's a silky moon up in the sky, yeah
Children are fantasising
Grown-ups are standin' by
What a super feeling
Am I dreaming
Am I dreaming...?

(Dreaming) So quiet and peaceful
(Dreaming) Tranquil and blissful
(Dreaming) There's a kind of magic in the air
(Dreaming) What a truly magnificent view
(Dreaming) A breathtaking scene
With the dreams of the world
In the palm of your hand

(Dreaming) A cosy fireside chat
(Dreaming) A little this, a little that
(Dreaming) Sound of merry laughter skippin' by
(Dreaming) Gentle rain beatin' on my face
(Dreaming) What an extraordinary place!
And the dream of the child
Is the hope of the, hope of the man

It's all so beautiful
Like a landscape painting in the sky, yeah
Mountains are zoomin' higher, uh
Little girls scream an' cry
My world is spinnin' and spinnin' and spinnin'
It's unbelievable
Sends me reeling
Am I dreaming
Am I dreaming...?

Oooh - it's bliss

World AIDS Day is December 1st.

Freedie Mercury
Anthony Perkins
Rock Hudson
Michael Jeter
Ofra Haza
Jimmy McShane from Baltimora
Brad Davis
Amanda Blake
Michel Foucault
Rudolf Nureyev

2 komentarze:

bccmee pisze...

Your graphics are lovely!

Regarding Freddy Mercury, he was a great talent. “Bohemian Rhapsody” definitely has a place in rock history. I remember hearing it referred to as a rock opera. How true. The song was very original and yet it grabbed people’s imaginations and became an instant classic. Sometimes it takes a while for originality to be noticed. Luckily in the case of Freddy Mercury, he was recognized in his own time.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Bccmee :) Thank You :) These I made something about year ago. I wish to have more time with this kind of playing with graph program. I have idea on 2 vids in my head but I consider that this takes time to make it.
This is really sad that some things people can't do this time: one of them is to be on Queen concert with Freedy. :/

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