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Stubble Brothers' Band Old Single S.P.

FETCH! (Da Hood Mix)

This is very old S.P. of Wonderful "Stubble Brothers". Was very popular in 2007. Released October 14th 2007.
"Fetch!" was remixed by DJ Hood.
As we know for some time were problems with Loxley Records. There was fight between DJ Hood and Guy The Reaper about who is legal owner. It all ended in 2009 when came to light that they are step brothers.
Deep, strong voice of Guy The Reaper easy makes music orgasmo to all his fans. Specially when he is saying this word "FETCH!" Vasey Daddy'O as always made wonderful dark music. These beats are legendary.


FETCH! - lyrics

Baby take off your clothes.
Now we are alone.
In the dark.
I wanna make You happy.
Buy You are rat!
Fetch! Baby! Fetch!

I was standing on the edge.
When You dumped me
In this mess.
Now I'm lord.
Of Your dreams.
Feel my pain!
Fetch! Baby! Fetch!

You killed my soul
You killed my heart.
Just go away.
I don't want
Be with You.
Even one day!
Fetch! Baby! Fetch!


5 komentarzy:

phylly3 pisze...

Jonia, you are so original! I would dearly love to hear this album. I am sure that 'Guy the Reaper's singing would indeed be orgasmic. The lyrics are a scream!

Anonimowy pisze...

ROFL. Where can I buy this album? - Really really want it. ;-)

Sooo funny and clever!!

bccmee pisze...

Haha, I love the whole concept album! I would buy this in a flash in vinyl if possible. Then I'd have to run out and buy a turntable. But it would be worth it. :)

Very clever! Thanks for posting!

Jonia's cut pisze...

What? You don't have it? Well is really hard to buy. I was searching on Amazon and Ebuy but I consider that nobody wish to send this "orgasmo music". ;D

Thank You Phylly, Alfie and Bccmee :) :*
I'm not so good in english so this is only short story :)
Happy that You like it :)

Jonia's cut pisze...

BTW this is old one from 2008 or early 2009 made in my very old program PSP. Now I don't know how I did this effect on this screen ;D I was tried do this in new one, but without success. :)

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