niedziela, 13 listopada 2011

Zen poo

Life is really strange. I like to watch people on the street. How different we are. Tall, small, big, old. Many years of evolution or like some will to say creation of aliens.. no matter. The most incredible is our diversity. But I'm not talking here about cultural or religious diversity. Only about our body.
I consider that creators of "War of the Worlds" from 2005 have right. Aliens just can't eat us without consequences, because of our bacteria friends and other living creatures.
So I consider that this is convincing.
How can I explain: flavoured condoms to somebody who didn't even buy something like this even once??? And is very against for this form of sexual activity. Well is against for all forms of sexual activity.
How can I explain that this is for flavoured "ice cream"?
Unfortunately after years of evolution we are not resistant for STD.

Sorry I had very hard thursday.

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