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Kofola Country Welcome To!

This is my blog, this is not blog only about Richard. Sorry Dude! I really like You! But I can't posting only about You. ;D

PhotobucketPhotobucketToday I was on really nice trip to Kofola Country! Czech Republic. Weather was great not so warm, but sunny.
As I was posting in may: "She was alternative in '60 to "imperial" CocaCola and Pepsi. She is made from special Kofo Sirup and honestly IMHO this is the best drink on the World!" This was probably the only reason to go there.

But this time I discovered another great drink. Chocolate water Korunni HERE This water is like chocolate. It is in sale since Feb 1st. 2011. Taste is amazing! IS really rich and not sour at the end.
There were some snacks for Bilbo's Party after killing Smaug. E-free.

PhotobucketAnd of course there were some sources of fun. But not for me now.

PhotobucketPhotobucketWe were on some nice trip through Masarykovy sady this is some kind of garden in Cieszyn.
Who was Masaryk? Well He was like Oliver Cromwell for Britain and like Józef Piłsudski for Poland. HERE on Wikipedia You can read more. On this street are many beautiful buildings, and this is really nice place to seat and rest.
PhotobucketThe Parish and Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

And this is the oldest building in Cesky Tesin


And this is Orginal from UK in Czech. Not to buy in my country in ordinary shop.

Thanks to MrTommy91 for this vid

I saw some Gaskell books in Czech: Cranford (Cranfordské dámy) and Cranford, well I should say this same book. But no North & South.

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