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Strike Back - season 1 and 2 music composers Scott Shields and Ilan Eshkeri

Title music for Strike Back Project Dawn Season 2 by The Heavy HERE
Song "Short change hero"

Strike Back - season 1 and 2 music composers Scott Shields and Ilan Eshkeri

Music produced by Steve McLaughlin

Additional composer: Felix Erskine

Music editor: Christoph Bauschinger

Music production coordinator: Elisa Kustow

Music production assistant: Millie Baring


Scott Shields site HERE

Music bits from Strike Back Season 1 HERE on Scott Shields site

On Northpole Music HERE

 Ilan Eshkeri site HERE

Detals about Strike Back HERE

On Northpole Music HERE

"STRIKE BACK is Sky1′s hugely succesful flagship drama series. Scott scored this with Ilan Eshkeri. Together they recorded a symphonic brass section which they mixed with rock guitars, pounding drums and subtle textures giving it an exciting, heroic, military feel. It was filmed across three exciting locations which meant they were able to add new ethnic musical flavours with a wide range of top soloists."
(From HERE)

5 komentarzy:

alfie pisze...

Beautiful music - thanks for the links.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Alfie :) Thank You. You welcome :)

Anonimowy pisze...

I loved the series and the music. Wish there were more number of episodes. I was wondering which song was played in the starting of 5th episode (S01E05) in Afghanistan, "Propellerheads song" !! Also I liked the synthpop music in end of the episode 2 of Project Dawn (S02E2) but couldn't find it !! Could you please refer me any link. Thanks ! :)

Jonia's cut pisze...

Only if I'll find something I'll post it. :)

lil pisze...

First 5 episodes of season 3 and still never heard the main action theme of the first two seasons (the one also used for the end credits of the first season). Did they give up on that? :(

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