wtorek, 2 sierpnia 2011

Historic Day! My first tickets on the movie with Richard Armitage in the cinema!

Historic Day! 
My first tickets 
on the movie with 
Richard Armitage 
in the cinema!

This was year ago when I said that I really wish to see Richard Armitage on big screen. I remember it, because in this time in cinemas was Shrek III. (June 2010)

I'm probably the first person in my country who have tickets on Captain America : The First Avenger! (or there is another maniac. JUST SHOW YOURSELF!!!)


Lady showed me all cinema, and I taked the best places - 12 and 13 (I really like 13, it brings me luck), at the front in middle row. 6.45 p.m.Friday August 5th 2011!
And I was in 3 cinemas and there is only 3D. I asked about some posters and stills. Lady said that there will be something before show!

Polish cinema flyer


KropkaTV nr 31 (August 1st 2011) 5-11 August 2011 with Richard's photo


4 komentarze:

Mily pisze...

Congrats Jonia! Have fun!

Ania pisze...

Jonia, have a good time!
and already look forward to your report (your impressions) after watching CA

Jo pisze...

You are so going to love it!!!!!!
I saw it last week.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Thank You Mily, Ania and Jo! I just can't wait tomorrow! I'll try to not squeeing, but I can't promise it ;D

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