czwartek, 11 sierpnia 2011

Don't piss me off!

I have to remind You about something. This is my blog. Some people only are checking if there is something new from RA part. Not even commenting. Posting my cuts all over the internet! I can live with it, but I'm really pissed, because You gals posting my arts on tumblr and on other sites! Yes this one is my and this one and this!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And BAFTA Glamour is my too.


They are not very artistic BUT THEY ARE MINE! There are my filters on these pics! YOU ARE POSTING THESE AND DON'T EVEN MENTION FROM WHERE YOU HAVE THEM!!!!!!!!


So from now these can be only posted on C19 by my friends there.

Don't piss me more off, because I'm a real fucking fighter now! And I really don't care what You are thinking!

From Tumblr.
Thank You RecycledVinyl for adding credits. Problem with english is that "You" is the same in singular and in plural. And this is not aimet at You.

I made many of screens which You All are using - e.g ON ARMITAGENET - Cleopatra. For 3 years I was making screens. There is large number of screens, but art is very personal. I consider that You will not making something like this with Heathra's, Angela's, Kiteflier's etc. arts. I just don't have wish that others manage mine. You know what is this? CLICKIE HERE This one is from my blog too. And I really had no wish to see this one, in this gallery. Hazular and You all do You know why Your Tumblrs are looking like this? Because of others, who are making gifs, arts, screens, searching for photos etc. We all are using these same photos. And honestly You should know the difference in that photo. This is Original 2007 and there isn't in internet bigger version. And this is my HERE. You are posting originals many times and don't even remember how they are look like. BTW Hazular You should say this same what You wrote to Yourself. Think about it when You wish to make something and than nobody wish to add credits to this what You made. How You feel about it?

My reaction isn't pleasant and I'm not sorry for being human, but honestly what You All expected? Why You are thinking if art has not mark that has not author? Do you know who made this manip with Richard as Vampire? (this one is from promo photo to Robin Hood season 2) or this one with Richard as devil (promo photo to Robin Hood Season 1) or merman (promo photo to Spooks season 7)? Nobody probably remember..yes lost in time, how conveniently. But I good remember who made it. So I tell You: Liquoricelolly. Next time Please add credit to her too. If You adore her work.

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Lady Rose pisze...

Uh oh, what happened Jonia? Is everything okay?

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Lady Rose. How are You?
I'm not so good, because this all came to the border line, and I'm pissed off.

Lady Rose pisze...

I'm pretty good. Aw, that's annoying. Some people are just so insufferable. :/

phylly3 pisze...

Dear Jonia,
I am sorry that this happened to you. But I don't think most people intend to steal from you. It is mostly a thoughtless oversight.
I had no idea you made the screen caps from Cleopatra. Thank you so much for that! I think I copied a picture from there before I knew who you were (or read the fine print). I haven't used it yet, but when I do I will know to credit you.
In first blush of Armitagemania I copied many pictures from who-knows-where and only intended to use them for my personal ogling. But when I started my blog, I had all these pictures to draw from and really not much idea where they came from or if they were someone's artistic doctoring of a photo.
But if anyone sees a picture on my blog that they think is their own work, I would appreciate being informed (with a polite comment) about it so that so I could give proper credit.
If you inform someone and they don't give credit (where credit is due) then you have every right to be upset.
I guess what I am saying is, try to give people the benefit of the doubt first.
I hope you will feel better about this. I really do appreciate people with artistic skills and also the proper software tools to do this wonderful work!
Thank you Jonia! :)

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Phylly, How are You? Thank You for Your visit and comment.
I had very bad experiences in past. Do You know why I quit my past job? So one of the reasons was that my ideas were copied by others. When I was telling my boss that we can do this or that thing, the answer was mostly "NO". And after couple of weeks my ideas was made by someone other with full support of this same boss. I don't have morbid ambition to be boss or taking someones place. I just wish to have fun from these things what I make. And now I don't have wish to see my work without even "I don't know who made it, but I really like it". So my patience ended. They had time to add credits. All f*ing 8 months to add credits that this is my WORK! They saw this on my site many times! and not even once they didn't do it! So my credit of giving other people "the benefit of the doubt" not exists now! Do You know that my screens are in RAC gallery, these are from my blog too. They know from where they are. But of course no credit.

Why people should add credit to me, this is not big deal? Oh I know! Because this is only small blog and nobody read it. So we can do everything with her screens and arts.
And I'm sick of it. I'm NOT sorry about being offensive.

Jonia's cut pisze...

But You Phylly can use anything what You want from my blog without asking.

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