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Redheaded men Part 3 : Craig Hawks - Interview for Mov-e July 7th 2011 by Len

Interview for Mov-e July 7th 2011 by Len

Thank You to MOV-E and Len for this article

Rising Star: Craig Hawks Hourquebie

Screen by me from "Rancid"

.MOV-e stalked Craig Hawks while he did some hardcore zombie killing in Rancid, the new horror by Kamikaze Motion Pictures. Learn more about this rising star as we chat to him about his experiences as an actor and his thoughts on the industry.

Popcorn Facts: I love books (fantasy), tattoos and walking my dog in the park
Age: 28
From: Durban
Star Sign: Pisces
Eye Colour: Brown
Hobbies: Riding my motorcycle and playing sports
Favourite Music: Rock
Favourite TV Shows: Supernatural/ Lie to me/ Fringe/ Entourage
Favourite Food: Spaghetti Blob
Favourite Beverage: Jack Daniels
Craig Hawks Rising Star Interview

.MOV-e: First off, how does one pronounce your surname?
Craig: Well my screen name…. easy enough is as written Hawks. My legal name is a different story Hourquebie pronounced “Hawk a bee”

.MOV-e: When did you realize you wanted to work in the entertainment industry?
Craig: All through my school days I got myself involved in every piece of theatre I could… I was also an avid sportsman and loved the idea of fast paced action in film and characters whose lives were based in impossible situations we as normal people couldn’t get to. How to experience these stories and places was clear to me: be an actor. Tell these characters’ stories and live them in performance. I went to AFDA film academy directly out of school and fell in love with doing just that.

Craig Hawks talks to us about his life as an actor in South Africa

.MOV-e: As an actor, how did you break into the South African film industry? Did you have formal training, have contacts within the industry, or did you just wing it?
Craig: I studied at AFDA as I said earlier, got myself a great agent and started working hard on being the actor I wanted to be. Auditions came next and still come and I prepare as best I can for the pieces I really want. Its not easy in South Africa but things are growing and not being an actor is just not an option for me.

.MOV-e: Do you think that one must have formal training of sorts to become involved in the SA Film industry, or can passion alone make one a star?
Craig: I’m not sure if formal training is a necessity. There are many actors out there who never went that route, so I think the most important thing is passion and drive; it gets tough when things get quiet and it comes down to staying power and drive that gets us through: belief in the fact that the next role is just around the corner.

.MOV-e: How about an agent? Is it vital to have an agent in order to get work in SA Television or movies?
Craig: It is impossible without one. A good agent is vital as an actor, it is so important to have an agent who you have a relationship with; someone who understands you.
I have a fantastic Agent who I consider to be a good friend. They are the ones you get the briefs from and establish the connections through. They arrange the contracts and all the nitty gritty, and are your vital tool number one!

.MOV-e: Is acting a full-time gig for you, or do you have a secret identity as a blue collar slave to ensure that the bills get paid?
Craig: It is a full time thing for me, no blue collar, no desk.

.MOV-e: You played a vital role in Alastair Orr’s feature film, The Unforgiving. How did you land the role and how did you experience the filmmaking process?
Craig: Alastair Orr is a great director and a phenomenal editor, we studied together at college where we became acquainted. He called me and asked me to read for the role of Vincent and things went from there. I consider him a good friend now and love working on his projects. The Unforgiving was a rugged and tough process, it was gorilla film making in its raw format and required a lot of focus. I learnt so much as an actor and would never trade the experience. It was amazing.

.MOV-e: Word has it that you also star in Alastair’s second movie, Rancid. Tell us more about the character you’re portraying this time around.
Craig: I do. My characters name is Reese, he is a private SWAT for a medical corporation named Gentek. He is a dedicated worker who loves his job and does it better than most. He starts to question his role in this testing process and when he finds Megan (played by Christien Le Roux) he finds a choice being made for him by his questioning faith and a snowball effect that leads to extraordinary circumstances and a rollercoaster ride ensues.

.MOV-e: Were there any lessons that you learned while acting in The Unforgiving that helped you improve your performance in Rancid?
Craig: There were too many to name. Most importantly I learnt the value of character preparation and building of relationships with not only the director but also the characters and actors around you. Teamwork and focus! Rancid is the first time I feel like my character has become a part of where I see myself and vice versa. I loved the process.

.MOV-e: In Rancid, you’re playing alongside the likes of Brandon Auret. Did you find this intimidating at all?
Craig: I knew Brandon as a friend before filming process began and this was our first time filming together. He is an amazing actor who gives nothing but his best every time and rather than being intimidating it is an excitement that takes a hold of you as you are given the opportunity to give everything and fully “go there” as an actor.

.MOV-e: How do you prepare for a role? Is there anything specific you do to get yourself into a certain frame-of-mind?
Craig: Well it is always character dependant. For Rancid I did a good amount of character prep, creating a back story and persona best suited to this type of person. I enjoy developing a character from my own person try to develop what would be a real character with real depth and emotion. I did a good amount of training to give him an imposing frame, gun handling and took time to develop a look I thought would bring out a rough and rugged exterior of a man who has seen things and come out the other side.

.MOV-e: What parts in The Unforgiving and Rancid were the most challenging for you, and why?
Craig: For the Unforgiving it was the cold. We shot in the early hours in winter and I was in a vest and had water constantly being sprayed on me. It takes a lot of focus to stay in character. For Rancid it was the physical challenge, we do all our own stunts and my character is a mover and a fighter; but I must say the challenge was second to my enjoyment.

.MOV-e: What’s the harshest critique you’ve ever received and how did you deal with it?
Craig: I don’t really recall to be honest, though it must be said there must be some corkers. I guess you have to take the good and the bad, learn from them and use them to help you grow. It’s the nature of what we do, people will judge your every decision on the screen so prepare well and hopefully the critique is in your favor.

.MOV-e: Are you happy being an actor, or would you one day like to dabble in the dark arts of directing as well?
Craig: I am very happy as an actor and feel like I am constantly learning how the craft works. I haven’t really though about directing but think I would relish the opportunity later in my career.

.MOV-e: Who is your favourite local Director, Actor, and Actress?
Director - Locally the director has to be Alastair Orr, he is an innovator and has a wicked sense of humor.
Actor - Michael Ray Thompson who plays Dom in Rancid and my brother Clinton Hawks who is different from me in so many ways and I really enjoy his work.
Actress - Kim Engelbrecht.

.MOV-e: What are your thoughts on the future of South African movies?
Craig: I think we are going from strength to strength in the film industry and our future gets brighter by the year.

.MOV-e: Any projects that you have in the pipeline that we’re allowed to know about?
Craig: Well for now it’s all focused toward Rancid

.MOV-e: What would your dream project be?
Craig: I don’t have a dream project per say but would love to play in a proper large scale South African Rugby film and, as always, a Superhero/vigilante film.

.MOV-e: What would be the best way for someone to get hold of you if they would like to approach you for their music videos, television adverts, or films?
Craig: Through my agent, Owen S. Management.

Silly Question Time! (Answer these as quickly as you can)

What’s the last book you read?
Gardens of the Moon Steven Erikson

What’s the last movie you saw?
X-men first class

If you were a Superhero, what would your powers be?
Strength and speed

List 5 items in your fridge right now!
Apples, eggs, cheese, yogurt and Nando’s Hot peri peri

You are stranded on a deserted island for 6 months. What 3 things would you want with you?
A sharp knife, matches and my dog

We would like to thank Craig for sharing his insights with us and would like you all to support him by watching Rancid when it hits our big screens.

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