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Private viewing of Gone (2012) movie

PhotobucketToday, in second day of Easter, Me and My Bro were in the cinema on movie Gone. On IMDB HERE. In this same time, was another movie Wrath of the Titans (On IMDB HERE). 3D - pain for eyes! or just we wished to saw something not mainstream. So on movie Gone we were only 2 and we had somekind of private viewing. From plain movie tape, not digital 300GB disc... or something.


Not bad movie, very tolerable thriller. So we have young woman Jill playing by Amanda Seyfried. She likes sport: jogging, martial art, parkour etc. but this is since some kind of happening in the past, in which none of the cops and even doctors didn't believe her. And some day something happend again. Cops and doctors still don't believe her. Ok. Maybe we should stop here.

One thing. In every movie should be good cop and bad cop. Character Peter Hood - good cop, playing by Wes Bentley. I have nothing to this actor, but this character isn't really necessary in this movie. Brings nothing to this movie, couple of lines to talk and one good joke, that's all. They should make cops characters different. Now we have: 1 hardhead boss, 1 hardhead male cop who was working on Jill's case before, 1 hardhead female cop, because others are hardheads and 1 Peter Hood who isn't hardhead, but have nothing to do, we'll maybe to make soup for his mom. Too many hardheads.

Funny thing that Wes is playing with Amanda Seyfried in another movie this year "Lovelace". This is biographic movie about Linda Lovelace, she was playing in porno movie "Deep Throat". You probably heard about it. Wes is playing Larry Marchiano, Linda's husband and I hope that this will be much better role for him :).

When my Bro saw actor Wes Bentley on the screen, He said: Look, Richard!
I was like

Plus one guy from Avatar.
Gone (2012) Trailer

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