czwartek, 12 kwietnia 2012

Chocolate Day

Edit: I started to write this post yesterday, but was too tired to end it :) and I was sleeping on a table for 3 hours. ;D

I don't know if this is right date, because some people are talking about September 13th or February 9th and many many more. No matter. Chocolate doesn't need particular day.

About dark chocolate

"chemically speaking, chocolate is the world's perfect food."
Michael Levin - Nutritional researcher

Favourite chocolate :)

Richard Armitage reads The Night Watch for England by Edward Shanks (1942)
Thank You DanielleRCA

BTW: Chocolate Boy licking his fingers this is Matthias Streitwieser.
Is really sad, because he isn't with us. He passed away June 1st 2009. In Memory HERE


Life is like chocolate bitter and sweet.

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