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Richard Armitage - Preludes by Thomas Stearns Eliot

Words and Music, Radio 3, 12th September 22.45-23.45
Photo from Red Magazine Oct 2007 photoshot enhanced by me :)

You can hear it HERE on :)


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Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody)
Lightsaber Duel - The Piano Guys

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Anonimowy pisze...

The Piano Guys are hilarious. (seen another of their vids. - like the late Victor Borge) The cello is such a beautiful instrument, and so perfectly matched to the voice of RA. Thanks, Jonia.


Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Fitzg. Yes they are. Once I was on Clannad concert in my country and there Pol Brennan brother of Enya and Moya Brennan was playing on electronic cello, well he had only fretboard with strings in hands. I should post some photos from this concert :)
Thank You for visit and comment :)

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