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The Richard Armitage Wine - The FanArt of Making - Part 1 The Beginning

The Richard Armitage Wine - The FanArt of Making - 
Part 1 The Beginning

Hello All after this very long time without posts on my blog. So I'm sorry for my english, because I wasn't speaking and writting in english for long time.



In short:
I'm making special gift for Richard's next birthday. 

Hand made, home made and .... first time made... this is first time for me, when I'm making something like this. So I'm couting on beginners luck :D I'm aware that this can be horrible in taste, but ...but.... anyway I should send it to Richard ;D

My company name is: Chateau Rouge, Red Castle in english. Rouge - not Rogue :) or I should use Italian Castello Rosso?

This is red wine and I don't know how to call it yet. There are some names:

Ricardo Rosso Reserva ;D
Thorin's Blood - Sangue di Thorin - Sang de Thorin
Gisborne's Lether - Pelle di Gisborne - Le cuir de Gisborne
or Armitage's Guilty Pleasure

Posts on blog about it are some kind of diary for me too and I will be able to check what I was making and what I can change in it. I'm not posting what I have for my wine in one post (wine yeast, multimeter for alcohol and sugar etc.). Wine needs time, so I should post everyting in right time. I'm using products of famous polish company of Oenology products BIOWIN.

Date 10.10.2013
1. I have small carboy 10 liters. Great for beginners. You have to clean it carefully, because You can't use hot water.

2. I'm using real polish vine - 4 kilos. Look at these beauties. You have to clean them under water. First clean - than disguise. Disguised fruits add to carboy. This should be a little less than half of carboy. Wine is made from juice.

3. The most important is water! I'm using spring water. You should boil water (first I was using 3 liters) , than add 2 kilos of sugar and dissolved it in water. Sugar can't be in cristals.

4. Wait till water isn't hot. Can be warm, but not so much. Than add to carboy. You can mix (stir) it.
(I consider that I have too little water so I should add it next time).

5. Close it with rubber stopper and plastic bubbler (airlock) with water. Because we don't need too much air in wine. You have to check and add water to plastic bubbler from time to time. I heard ping from it 2 hours after :).

6. Keep it in room temperature. And let The Mother Nature do the work.

So the first day after us. :) It took me 3 hours for everything.

4 komentarze:

Ania pisze...

Fiu, fiu zapowiada się całkiem nieźle :-) Trzymam kciuki!

Joanna pisze...

Ciekawe jaki ten RYSIOK ( od kwasiok ;)) będzie w smaku?
Mój Dziadek regularnie takie sporządzał i tak często sprawdzał czy już dobre że nigdy nie udało nam się spróbować tego wina (sąsiad mówił że nie ma czego żałować)

Unknown pisze...

I think you should go with a Polish name for the vintage. Also, what is the region? I am not clear on the grape varietal, but unless it is a blend of grapes, you might want to specify the grape varietal in the label. Red Table Wine is good for red blends though.

I think this is a really lovely and great gift idea for Richard!

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hej Ania Dziękuję. :) Zdobię co w mojej mocy :)
Hej Joanna! Może chociaż będzie uderzało po głowie ;D Robię wino słodkie, więc używam drożdży do słodkich win. mam nadzieję, że chociaż one pomogą.

Hello Crystal Chandlyre! This is really interesting idea! I have some time to rething about it. Thank You for comment.

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