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Richard Armitage - November 28th 2012 Hobbit Premiere - 3.30 A.M

This moment is very close to me!!!

November 28th 2012 Hobbit Premiere - 3.30 A.M in my country and I have to wake up at this hour.

I was waiting for this since 2008!!! And I just can't sleep in this moment. I know that I can't be too tired, because, I'm not too young and a little ill, but this kind of day isn't often in life!

Richard Armitage on the big red carpet!!!
In one of the biggest characters in this movie!!!!
This feeling is so GOOD!!!

Thank You to MrBBi for uploading Hobbit interviews on YT HERE and HERE.

and for TOC!!!


and for this laugh!!!

Of course my fav ;D


Crop from HERE

Richard Armitage is really sex on 2 legs ;D Love these jeans, shirt, hair!!!! WOW!!!! 


More photos HERE

See You later. I have to go sleep. I'll answer on comments before 4 A.M. :)

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