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Richard Armitage - It's fate!

Since this post The Hobbit's Hottie I was thinking why this one new photo made more than whole bunch of The Hobbit's promos with Richard.
And I consider that I know the answer :)

Because This is THORIN! This isn't Richard! And I don't know Thorin... yet. I don't know if I should like him. He is dwarf from Middle Earth. From Wikipedia: "Thorin is described as being very haughty, stern, and officious." So now I'm not really affecting to him. There are Thorin's cheeks, nose. Even eyes are from Thorin.


This is Richard! and that's why this photo is affecting me!


In Armitage World there are groups for Richard's characters. Mostly for John Thornton, John Porter, John Standring, John Bateman/Lucas North, Harry Kennedy, Claude Monet, Dr Alec and of course Guy. But is there group where e.g. Percy Courtney (from Miss Marie Lloyd) is the leader? I not really like this character, mostly because some girls had chance to be naked in one scene with Percy. So photos from MML are not playing a lot in my head.

So still waiting for Thorin and there are only 6 days!

Today I was on some meeting and I had to give back coat to the locker room. And I had 41 number ;D

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Joanna pisze...

Joniu! pokazałaś moje dwa ulubione zdjęcia :)

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