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Ghosts at my work? - photos of orbs.

Strange story of my life.
I'm an empath and I'm feeling when there is some kind of energy around me, e.g. there are meetings at my work with total strangers, and when I'm touching chairs, sometimes I can see some pictures in my head. Last time I saw some kind of camera in my head. Girl who is leader of these meetings said that there was sitting man who is a photographer etc. Sometimes I'm afraid of this what I'm feeling, but I'm not crazy.
And there is this story. After November 1st when I was at cementery and when we comeback to home, there was some strange feeling there. (Some kind of energy can follow You anytime). Like something was in my room. I wasn't afraid too much, but I was carefull to not talk to the corner of my room ;D That situation was for 2 weeks. I was thinking how to get this energy away from my home. Then I bought rose quartz at some market, this one isn't cuted. Is pure. I wasn't thinking about this stone, just it was in one moment in my hand, and I was thinking "I should buy it". I one moment this cold stone was hot in my hand. I'm not so good with this all stone-thing. At home I was reading what this rose quartz can do. Some english information HERE

And when my short vacation ended and I came back to work, this strange energy was in my work. CRAP! Next day was some meeting at my work and I made these photos. Than I noticed these orbs on them. Or this is only just one. Sorry I can't show You more.

This can't be dust, because it isn't at all photos. This first photo I made as first ever.


And this one orb was only on these 2 photos.


Informations: What Do Ghosts Look Like HERE

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