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6th December - Santa Day

Today we have Santa Day - gifts day.

Still I don't understand why we have Santa Day and X-mas day in this same month. But I consider that this is matter of economy: end of Year so we must have something for wasting our money. Maybe this is weird but I still believe in Santa :D even if I found my letters to Santa in my grandpa desk. I'm not very gift person. I'm not waiting for gifts from others. If somebody is giving me something this is really pleasant specially when this is not expected and I'm really grateful.
I'm not mad at my bro that he gave me this year kitchen gloves and icecream from Häagen-Dazs for Santa Day. He is doing so many things for me whole year that even plain chocolate or even one candy is gift enough. Well new kitchen gloves are needed and I really like to eat this kind of icecream. I heard that it is very good. So I'm really happy from this gift. He wanted batteries ;D for Santa Day, because this is practical gift ;D. Year ago he gave me light bulb ;D. So I bought him nice batteries, plus boxers and chocolate :)
Why I'm believing in Santa?
In past week I was thinking about something small for my co-workers. I was in mall looking for some nice little things and not expensive. And I don't know why I did this I just go to Douglas Perfumery. I was there maybe once. And I saw soaps which can be nice knick-knack. Small thing for less than 1 Euro on Sale. Strangely number of these soaps was equal to number of my co-workers. I taked all. Lady at checkout counter said that she can pack each one in very pretty box with red bow. So I said: Yes! At the end this gift was looking like some very classy-Paris-Hilton-like + She gave me little perfumes... And girls at work were mad-crazy today. :)
So maybe this was impuls or maybe this was Santa who gave me possibility to cheer others :) or maybe up there somebody likes me :) because I bought something for me too. For long time I was thinking about something for me at X-mas day. That's why I'm not expecting material gifts from others, I just buying them If I have possibility. I went to Empik - large bookstore and I saw THIS!!!


Pack of 4 DVDs! Cranford and Return to Cranford! for 99,99zł. Separately they costing 70,00zł each. I opened only one ;D Because the other is for X-mas ;D

My new books :)
PhotobucketOne about polish weddings by Hanna Szymanderska. Not my fav but price on sale was very good -70% ;D and at last I know why we can't take marriage in may. This is from Rome where in May were Lemuralia. More read HERE. And it stays to this day.
The second one is about herbs.
The Nonesuch (Niezwykły dżentelmen) by Georgette Heyer in... Harlequin edition ? :|
Unfinished tales by Tolkien in pocketbook edition. :)
The last one is "Dodssynden" by Margit Sandemo. Polish title: "The Mortal Sin" from One of Sagas: The Legend of the Ice People. More HERE. I red something about 15 volumes of this, but this one is my fav. It has form that this one can be read separately without much knowlage about other parts. And has much more relations with 17c literature. This is tale about Cecylia and Alexander.

Some days ago I saw for the first time reindeers. Funny furry animals.
Photobucket Photobucket

Just sitting and resting and eating polish apples :) There are very sweet and crispy. Champion. Polish apples maybe are not so big, but really tasty.

Not big fan of Flo Rida, but there is Etta James wonderful voice! ;D

Flo Rida - Good Feeling

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