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Hidden Objects Games

I consider that I'm getting older ;D or maybe this is matter of to little time for my fav Morrowind Game or Oblivion. Some time ago I started playing in hidden objects games.

What's going on in this kind of games?
(my screen from "9: The Dark Side")

You have scene and list of things which You have to find.
Of course there are not so many pure hidden object games. Most of them are like adventure games: hidden objects + mini games + collecting of facts + escape game.

What is mini game? Mostly logical puzzle.
(my screen from "Nemo's Secret: Vulcania")

My first was "Sleppy Hollow" - extreme dark game... on my old dark screen where objects were almost invisible ;D To download HERE. Don't look at rating on this site. This one should have all 5. On one of polish sites this one has 8 stars on 10. And this one is a winner of Hidden Object Games in 2008. This one is typical hidden objects game without so many mini games.

At the beginning I can recommend You e.g. this one HERE - House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets Collector's Edition Mini games are not so complicated and there is very helpful map and story is really nice :)

This one is real hardcore. 9: The Dark Side. Very complicated logical games.Even Sherlock Holmes should have problems. To download HERE

BTW You can always press SKIP on mini game. But this isn't the best way to end these games. :) Because playing in these games is like interactive movie. You can solve misteries of vampires, murders, lost civilizations etc.

I don't remember in which one there was always searching for "Pretzel" ;D

Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow

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