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Thorntons' record!

October 13, 2011

Thorntons' main site HERE

The largest Chocolate Bar! Almost 6 tones!

"Somercotes, Derbyshire, UK -- Combining the company's centenary and Chocolate Week celebrations, Thorntons has created a giant chocolate bar measuring four meters wide by four meters long and weighing in at a staggering 5,792.5kg (that's almost six tonnes!) - which sets the new world record for the Largest chocolate bar, according to World Records Academy ("


But I think that I prefer This One Thornton's chocolate voice, than any chocolate on This World ;D



4 komentarze:

phylly3 pisze...

Excellent post! Funny but I was just commenting about RA as chocolate today on Bccmee's latest gif post. Then I read your post. I had no idea about Thornton's 100th anniversary. Thanks for this!

Jonia's cut pisze...

Thank You Phylly. :) Mostly I'm against all wasting of food like: tomato fight, eating competitions, restaurants when they throwing good food etc. But When they are talking that made this and wish to sell for charity is really ok :)

Traxy pisze...

Somercotes is half an hour from where I live and I had no idea about Thornton's breaking a world record! o.O Strange. Or maybe I just didn't watch East Midlands Today on that particular evening. Heh. Thanks for posting!

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Traxy :)
You welcome :) I hope that they are making very good chocolate :)

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