niedziela, 30 października 2011

Spooks [7.1. New Allegiances]

Used screens made by me.

Start watching Spooks again and playing with colors :) Wonderful TheRApy :)

Plus new avi and signature :)


3 komentarze:

bccmee pisze...

Very nice collage effect! I love what you did with the colors too. :)

Joanna pisze...

Wonderful theRAphy indeed Jonia:)

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Bccmee and Joanna :) Thank You very much :)
Well I have many things to learn in RA-arty area. You Bccmee are wonderful Artgoddess: movies, arts, gifs etc :) Very creative, innovative, cuttingedge.
I just returned to the beginning of my arts - collage, but in some different way :) Just for play and learn :)
Thank You very much :)

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