środa, 5 października 2011

At last I have these strange boots!

Skechers Women's Spacious High Shearling Arctic Boot Style #46649 Colour Chestnut

Skechers' main site HERE
Skechers on Amazon HERE



I was in shock when I saw today these boots in second hand shop for 10 Euro. Brand new! They need only a little impregnation.

4 komentarze:

Lady Rose pisze...

Ooh! I have very similar ones! Aren't they wonderful?

Jonia's cut pisze...

YAY!!! Lady Rose! Yes they are. I have for winter trekking boots, but It is nice to have these :) longer and warmer :)

Traxy pisze...

I bought myself a pair of Sketchers "Shape-Ups" boots in August, which look similar in style to the ones you've got there. Got a pair of the shoes earlier in the summer and they are the most comfortable shoes EVER! I don't care if they work or not (they claim they can help with weight-loss and muscle toning), because I wear them because they're the only shoes I've work since I was a child where my feet didn't hurt, even after hours of walking. Worth every penny!

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Traxy :) I hope that winter will be not so very cold :) I know what You mean hurting feet :/

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