wtorek, 3 maja 2011

Rain, snow and big smile ;D

Today is Constitution of May 3 Day (1791) in Poland. Our Constitution was first in Europe, second of the World after American Constitution (or third after Corsican Constitution from 1755). We have free day today. Me and my bro were planing some trip today.
I was long time ago in Czech Republic which is not so far away. So we went there. We were in Cieszyn, Czech: Těšín. We ate in some nice Chinese Restaurant. Food in Czech is cheeper than in Poland. And than we go on some city trip, but this was really rainy day and now is snowing. So this changed on malls trip.

In one of them I found "Bilbo Snack", really healthy, without conservants etc.


We buy some food (me specially porridge, my bro - salami and Kofola).


mmmmmmmmmmmmmm......... Kofola, this is SPECIAL! You can buy it (in shops) probably in 3 countries on the World: Czech, Slovakia and Hungary. In Poland we can buy it only on auctions. Read HERE on Wiki. She was alternative in '60 to "imperial" CocaCola and Pepsi. She is made from special Kofo Sirup and honestly IMHO this is the best drink on the World! In Poland we have HOOP Cola, is much better than CocaCola and Pepsi, but not so good as Kofola. First time by bro was in Czech for Kofola, not for a beer. She can be Orginal, Citrus, Sugar free and today we saw cherry version.


Studentska Pecet this is real tradition. Really good chocolate. Now from Nestle... Well I shouldn't eat Nestle, because this company is working with suppliers who destroying rainforests for palm oil. :/


Nice military cap :) for summer heat, from sale. I have very fair hair and always problems with sun and I couldn't find something interesting in my country, but at last I have something revolutionary ;D (BTW I don't like Che).


Really strange handmade card, with familly photo. This is one of the most ugly cards I've ever saw, but it has some ...magic. I bought it, because lady in her small bookstore was so nice and we were chating for a while. I just couldn't go without buying something.


Memocard game from one of my fav movies: UP :) You should cut it Yourself ;D


And... really I'm not even dreaming about it. I bought 2 first episodes from Czech version of North&South - Laska v bilem pekle - Love in white hell. And I had my fankle moment ;D Premiere was in march 2010 in one of female magazines.


More about this soon :)

3 komentarze:

Joanna pisze...

ahoj Jonia!
Kolik to wszechno stalo?

Anonimowy pisze...

Looks like you had a nice trip.
Happy Constitution day:)

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Joanna: Malo tohle stalo ;D I love STUDENCKA too :) and chocolates from Figaro, but I hadn't too much money, maybe next time :)

Thank You Alfie :) :*

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