niedziela, 15 maja 2011

My New Tekkno Glasses

Couple days ago I bought my second new glasses. I just need some colour, because my first glasses are all black.

Model Lilly 37 C1 - black mat metal with orange-black arms.
Cost: Something about 50 Euro/ 70 $/43 GBP
with plain lenses 76 Euro/110 $/ 67 GBP



They are really COOL!

3 komentarze:

Musa pisze...

I wear glasses too and love your new glasses! The design and the two color combo.

Ania pisze...

beautiful glasses, I'm sure you look beautiful in them

Jonia's cut pisze...

Thank You Musa and Ania. I try to be beautiful but this is lost cause ;D

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