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Jonia and Richard Armitage - Compatibles

Blogger had some problems, officially this is about new design, but more trully this is about Chinese Goverment which hacked some blogs of Chinese activists.
I don't have my last post restored, so I'm posting it again.
If there will be this kind of situation again, I have copy of my blog here on WordPress. So nothing can miss :)

But mainly I'm here, because I'm more familiar with Blogger.

Yay!! this is great fun!
Thank You to Fabolaktuko for finding this page and to Traxy for sharing.

I don't know if links works.
On White Rose Blog HERE: How Compatible Am I with Richard Armitage?

On The Squeee Blog HERE: Richard Armitage and you - your number's up!

I have something like that and I wonder who writes these comments ;D
Compatibility level: 75% - A relationship that is usually compatible, and easy for the partners to get along.
This is an excellent combination, but because the partners are so compatible, they sometimes enhance each other’s less desirable traits as well.

Richard Armitage is upbeat, expressive, creative and playful. However, as a Life Path number 3, Richard is not always focused and the results of Richard's productivity are not always useful.
[Well I consider that sometimes all people have results not always useful]

J., the 5, generates a similar, sometimes restless energy. J., though, is more directed towards social activities, interacting with other people. J.'s life style is dynamic and, if the decision is in J.'s hand alone, this life style will involve lots of travel. If they happen to share a home, Richard and J. will have little trouble creating a living environment and a life style suitable to both.

[ ??? em.. em... so what I should do? travel all the time??? I love my home! Oh!!! I know this is probably that my home is sometimes a little messy, because I don't have time to clean so often... Well I still can see my floor, so it's ok.]

Both Richard and J. communicate well. Their verbal abilities make them a popular couple. In fact, one of the things that could trip them up is the popularity and easy social interacting, since they both - but J. in particular - may have a tendency to become jealous of their partner. They both thrive on playing center stage, both want to be in the spotlight, and this may cause an uncomfortable competitive atmosphere.

[puff... I don't have this tendency to be jealous, this is waste of time. me center stage ??? where? ..I'm shy as hell in real.... I'm working on this looking at males' bums and checking if I'm still blushing.]

J. can, at times, say things on the spur of the moment that are hurtful or reveal an underlying problem. Richard would do well reading between the lines, because, whatever it is, J. probably would not spell it out. Similarly, Richard likes to skim over the deeper issues in life, especially those in the emotional sphere. J. needs to be aware that, even after being close to Richard for many years, much about Richard will never be revealed. This shows that, if Richard and J. are not careful, the two of them could be experiencing deep inner turmoil, and their partner might not be aware of it.

[hmm... hmm... interesting... so I just saying without saying.. but it's partly true. I'm not saying what is wrong. :/ I'm too dyplomatic]

Richard and J. get along very well. Richard likes the way J. acts and talks. J. has a wonderful time with Richard's wacky sense of humor and upbeat nature. It is a good combination that can last a lifetime.


If problems arise and reach the kind of proportions that put this relationship in jeopardy, it is usually because the partners did not listen carefully to each other. Both Richard and J. have a tendency to keep emotional problems on the back shelf instead of dealing with them. Then, once the turbulence reaches the surface, it is too late and the end comes swift and final.

[Yeap... I'm like that... :-/ I'm not so very self-assertive]

Richard and J. have to pay attention to each other. Watch for subtle signs of discomfort or anger, and deal with it immediately in an open, direct and compassionately way. That is the key to sharing an inspiring, creative, lively, happy life.

[Even If I like it... Em.... can I just be a fan?]

because in my position I can make gifs without keeping them in secret ;D


4 komentarze:

Ania pisze...

WOW. Jonia, congratulations to the result. Mine ( and still don't believe that I was so crazy that I've done it) is much lower :(
Is your way of shyness is a patented?

Joanna pisze...

I 'm 5 too:)
"Richard have wacky(o that's the word!:)) sence of humor":D

phylly3 pisze...

Very good! 75% is a nice match. I hate to brag but I got 100%! :)
Very funny gif! You are so good at them!

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Ania, Joanna and Phylly :)
I have to wait for reincarnation in different date, but my luck probably will miss again and .... I'm always 5.

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