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The Richard Armitage Wine - The FanArt of Making - Part 6 Tasting wine for the first time

The Richard Armitage Wine - The FanArt of Making - 
Part 6 Tasting wine for the first time


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Project Dairy
Day 20.12.2013 (Friday)

After 2 months of waiting (after adding Yeast) first fermentation process is over and we can pump out wine from carboy, taste it and add more sugar (for taste and more alcohol)

Wine is finely in one ruby colour. We have fruits at the top and rest of fermentation process at the bottom. We have to pump this what is in the middle :)

So we have to have wine pump and pot (or second carboy).

My bro is helping me :)

We have to throw rest of fruits away and clean carboy. If there is too much sediment, we can use rice to clean.

Wine is really good in colour, and clear, but taste is really DRY! Well if somebody like it it can stay like this. But We should add sugar and I'm happy that taste isn't acidic.

We have to warm 2 liters of wine to 60 C and add 1 kg of sugar and wait till a wine is cold.

Rest we can pour to carboy.

Look at this beautiful colour, a little ruby a little pinkish and purplish.

All wine is in carboy so we can close it with rubber stopper and plastic bubbler (airlock) with water. In first week of the New Year we can taste it and if still is too much dry we can add sugar. Now second fermentation is ready to start.

When I was tasting this wine while adding sugar, new name of wine was in my head and propaply this one is the right one. This name shows feelings while drinking this wine: 

Thorin's boozing 
(po polsku: Biba Thorina)
because this is happy wine :), wine with smile, with dance, with sun :). This is taste of happiness.

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Phyllys Faves pisze...

I would love to try this wine with you. It looks fabulous! A toast to you - Have the Happiest Christmas and the Best New Year EVER!

Ania pisze...

Winko wygląda smakowicie:)
Spokojnych Świąt Joniu dla Ciebie i Twoich Najbliższych! I niech 2014 Nowy Rok spełni wszystkie Twoje marzenia i dążenia.

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